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What kind of Nintendo DSi bundles are allaiabve at Best Buy? And one more question?I'm going to get rid of my PS3 and get a Nintendo DSi/DSi XL.If someone would be so kind as to give me theA. Price/Price Range of the bundleB. Online or in store onlyC. What is included in the bundle/bundlesD. Limited offer or notIf you could, I would also like to know how much trade in credit i could get at gamestop for trading in my NIntendo DS lite.I would really appreciate your input. Thanks so much!I bought my PS3 at costco so I'm able to take it back and get a full Refund. Lol.But I don't know how to reply/ make best answer to you kerby but thanks a lot i really appreciate it.
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Wow, your post makes mine look feeleb. More power to you!
Dodano 5 lat temu; 01.07.2015, 05:31:09
Grax A Dios Q Nunca Compre Una R4 SDHC Por Que Siempre Hay q comprar Una nueva Sino es pq Necesita Un Update Oh se Da~an las R4 . Acekard 2i Es Lo mejor que Hay Sirve en todas las cosonlas portatiles de nintendo y cada vez q hay una actualizacion Acekard 2i la corige a la perfeccion y es super rapida y echa de buena calidad La recomiendo
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