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Dodano 3 lata temu; 13.12.2015, 07:57:56
I just want to mention I am new to bgngliog and absolutely loved your blog. Most likely I’m want to bookmark your site . You certainly come with perfect articles. Thank you for sharing with us your website page.
Dodano 3 lata temu; 13.12.2015, 07:57:12
I was really lonkiog forward to a Black Out type of uniform with lots of red accents. This version is not so bad, not really good either, but the helmet is garbage. I can live with the uniform but that helmet must go!!!!Bring back the all red traditional helmet (or make it all black!!). Just glad we got rid of those ugly silver pants. And the gloves are really cool.
Dodano 3 lata temu; 12.12.2015, 18:43:58
Grazie Annamaria! Un misto a dire la veeritc3a0, mi vedo molto pic3b9 mttchieaso ma credo che ne approfitterc3b2 per indossare pic3b9 gonne svolazzanti ed abiti ultraffemminili, ADORO I CONTRASTI!
Dodano 3 lata temu; 12.12.2015, 16:23:28
this is such an amazing post, there is so much inprisation, love the pics!Hope you're having a great day!thanks for sharing!if you like we can follow each other on :)let me know!
Dodano 3 lata temu; 12.12.2015, 15:42:51
Hello,we met at craftstock last weneekd and i was the girl who was crazy about your green fingerless gloves (which obviously sold) i would love to get a pair! And perhaps a matching scarf and hat!!! Your stuff is GREAT!
Dodano 3 lata temu; 12.12.2015, 15:29:34
The whole thought that this is going agnasit tradition is hot garbage. Kick your self please. Why do you think the MLB has a throw back jersey days during all seasons ? Because they're THROW back unis. Things change over time. Oregon is the best dressed team in college football, hands down, bar none..Again, kick your self if you think differently. Please tell me what part of their uniform is traditional. It's about swag for college players..And it's no different for the NFL or any other professional sport..Swag is about to make the term tradition disappear. Being dresses to impress at the work place is being dressed for success. And this screams I'm here to succeed in my work place..the field. This is a change of pace for the time being but most unis are going to this style. I'm an Athletic Supervisor not far from Athens and every aspect in designing our unis from pants to helmet this year and previous years was designed with the intent to stand out..get some swag on the field, and attitude. Grant every hater and all none believers this fact, the change up in unis for any specific game hasn't been in UGA's favor too often. And if you hate the unis that's just your taste and you're entitled to that fashion idea. But to say its breaking tradition is complete ignorance. If you 65 or older..You’re entitled to say that..Hell you remember the days when all facemasks were exactly the same no matter your position. But you just like the way the helmet is designed..go buy one and you'll always have some memorabilia of your own to remember what they looked like..and maybe in 30 years they'll have a throwback Saturday and bring out old unis..But for those who hate this..You better get used to it real quick because this is about to be what's in when if come to football uniforms.
Dodano 3 lata temu; 12.12.2015, 15:20:50
Our pastor, Rev. Strickhausen, spoke a liltte about our Ecuador mission this past Sunday. He was very touched by the perfect music you chose and he incorported the words of With My Own Two Hands into his sermon. Your work is blessing so many, Kate. Just wanted to share that with you. May God continue to bless you and those who view your work.
Dodano 3 lata temu; 04.12.2015, 03:00:58

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